Low Cost! Commitment and Secrets

We are committed to providing the best learning environment for each student while keeping costs as low as possible. To achieve this, we have implemented several special and secret initiatives.

Our Commitment

Student-First Pricing

Our biggest commitment is to set prices as low as possible so that students can focus on their language studies and enjoy life in Hawaii with minimal financial burden. Despite the difficulties of living with inflation in the United States, we want to make our prices accessible to everyone. To this end, we implement various cost-cutting measures, the results of which are all reflected in the reduction of tuition fees.

Our Secrets

Smart Space Utilization

If you visit our school for the first time, you might be surprised by how compact it is. Normally, school operations require staff rooms and vast office spaces, but we have innovated here. By eliminating staff rooms and minimizing reception and office space, we can allocate more funds to improving educational quality and reducing tuition.

Efficient Operational Model

By leveraging the latest technology to digitize and automate administrative tasks, we have been able to reduce operational costs. This allows us to keep personnel and other operating costs low, enabling us to offer industry-leading low tuition fees.

Investing in Your Future

At our language school, while we continue to find ways to cut costs, we never compromise on the quality of education. High-quality lessons by experienced instructors, comprehensive learning support, and a warm community are all here. With our commitment and secrets, we fully support you in taking a step closer to your dreams and goals through language learning.

We hope you choose our school for your language learning journey. Let’s learn, grow, and open up a new world together.

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